Woman Lies On The Ground At Competition, Then Dog Dazzles Everyone With Trick

As any pet owners out there probably know, training a dog is hard work.

Although dogs are certainly smart animals and can be taught almost anything with enough patience, it still takes a certain amount of discipline and focus to make sure they learn everything they need to know. While many of us would settle for not peeing in the house or a few simple sit and stay commands, others have proven that you can take dog training to an entire new level.

That was the case for trainer Lusy Imbergerova and her dog Deril.

Imbergerova and Deril had been training to compete in the FCI Dog Dancing Championship.

The competition is an elaborate dog show organized and thrown by the Federation Cynologique Internationale and is set to show off a dog and a trainer’s joint abilities. Unlike simpler dog shows, this one has each competing pair develop a dance routine showcasing not only the dog’s skills but also the trainer’s creative abilities.

While everyone who competes in the show is impressive, Deril has been capturing hearts around the world for his routine.

Everyone is quiet when Deril walk outs with Imbergerova, who is wearing military fatigues.

The pair quietly walks to the middle of the arena and gets into position. For Imbergerova, this means pulling a blanket over herself and pretending to be asleep. After just a few moments, the military Reveille can be heard in the background and Deril springs into action to wake her up.

What follows is an amazing reenactment of a day of military training.

It starts as Deril and Imbergerova march together with Deril lifting his little legs.

Although he follows all the moves precisely, Deril’s happy attitude is probably not one you would find in a boot camp! As the show goes on, the pair shows off more and more complicated moves. Deril does standing squats, push-ups, rolls and sit-ups—all while weaving between Imbergova’s legs and dancing around her.

At the end there’s a scripted “accident” and Deril helps his trainer—by performing CPR on her!

Incredibly enough, Deril and Imbergerova’s routine didn’t win them the competition!

Though the two placed second overall, their routine has captured the hearts and minds of many trainers and dog owners throughout the world. Although the time and patience it takes to train a dog can be daunting, this routine shows just how much you can achieve if you try! Most of us probably aren’t going to enter a competition, but it’s nice to know just how much our furry companions can learn.

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