When They Saw What Was All Over This Dog, They Couldn’t Believe Their Eyes

There are three kinds of people on the planet – one who love animals forever, one who love them temporarily and one who don’t love them at all, but don’t hate them either. This poor pup’s owners were ones who loved her temporarily. It so happens that a pup who once had a house and a family found herself abandoned on the streets, left to fend for herself. Dogs are defenseless creatures, what do they expect them to do, join a part time job to earn food?

Sadly some people don’t understand that these animals “depend” on us to survive and if we turn our back on them, I wonder who’s the animal then…This is the story of Blossom, an adorable fur ball who was abandoned. When the rescuers arrived they were shocked to see her body covered in millions of ticks. Not only that some cruel a-hole even decided to tie a tight wire on her tail. Now watch her transformation.

Watch this miraculous transformation here



Thankfully Blossom has been adopted and lives with a family who will never, ever abandon her. To her ex-owners, karma will respond, it always does. Share away, people.

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