This dog’s favorite toy is Santa. Now watch what happens when he meets a real-life Santa!


As we head into the holiday season, many children are getting their first chance at meeting Santa, but for one dog in Orlando who also had a chance to meet Santa for the first time, her photo with Santa is quickly going viral and capturing hearts on the internet!

The story began when 1-year-old Kya received a Santa toy last Christmas and quickly fell in love with it, so much so that when the first toy got old, they bought her the same toy again.


When the Montaldo family, who own Kya, heard that the local mall was letting pets sit with the Santa Claus there, they decided to introduce the adorable dog to the real-life Santa. The family children, John, Angelina, and Christina, took Kya, where she waited patiently in line and stared at Santa with an excited look on her face. When the time came to meet him, Kya sat elated on his lap and gave a huge smile for the camera.

Son John decided to upload the photo onto Twitter, where it quickly became viral, with 91,536 retweets and 153,321 likes as of this writing. The elated look on Kya has captured hearts all over the internet and has quickly become a source of happiness for those looking for Holiday joy. The beautiful dog has shown us that happiness can always be around the corner, and her photo with Santa shows nothing but true elation on her face!

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