They Found A Dog Who’d Collapsed In A Garden. But When They Get Closer… OMG

Animal Aid Unlimited really does amazing work to help out animals in need. Without them countless animals would be living much harder lives, or, horribly, they might not be living at all. These guys are life improvers and life savers, and it’s time for you to meet one of the animals that they’ve helped.

Who is that? Well, her name is Happy. Animal Aid Unlimited found her in a garden after she’d suffered an intense head injury. For quite a while, the organization didn’t know if she’d be able to pull through and survive. Things were touch and go for about two weeks, but a major breakthrough came in Happy’s third week of treatment. Watch her recovery in the video below!

Take a look!



Now she’s living strong and happy, just like her name implies. The people who saved her are so glad to see her like this! We are too! Share away, people!

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