See Which Health Supplements AREN’T Backed By Science.

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There’s a lot of fad diets out there that try and tell you the best, mostobscure supplements you should be adding to your diet. But how can you tell the genuine from the bullsh*t?



David McCandless from Information is Beautiful provided this graph. It ranks hundreds of health supplements based on the amount of scientific research backing their big claims. The graph only used data from human trials that used a random placebo-control method. Supplements with the strongest evidence backing them are placed at the top. Working your way down the graph, the supplements are backed less and less by conclusive evidence.
The bigger the circle, the more Google searches its had. It acts as an indication of how big the buzz around the health supplement is.
According to the graph, the circles shown in orange highlight health supplements that haven’t had much scientific research, but potentially are “one to watch.” You can find the supportive texts on the Information is Beautiful website.
Click here to see the interactive infographic in full.

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