Puffy Was Used And Dumped Back At The Shelter After 5 Years!

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Some say that to love and have lost is better than never loving at all, but in this case for this doggie, I can’t really see it that way. Just think what it would be like to live the biggest part of your life with a couch to cuddle on, a warm cozy bed, yard to run around in until your heart is content, then losing everything…

Well for Puffy that’s pretty much what happened, this six-year-old pit bull mix breed was deposited at a shelter like a piece of litter and by the only family he knew after five years together, poor Puffy watched them go, he was crying!

Suzanne Levin Kaplan found Puffy, she saved his life just in time, it was the day he was going to be put to sleep, Suzanne really knows how these things work being the founder of Long Island Pit Stop Animal Rescue.

It wasn’t long at all after this that Puffy was adopted by, so everyone thought, his forever family, it wasn’t to be so it appeared! It was the previous winter that Kaplan got a phone call to say that Puffy’s family didn’t want him anymore…

Why did you say, why on earth? Well yes, I think so too! They decided that after the children went off to college they wanted to be relieved of him so they could have more time to do as they pleased. I think it’s fairly obvious here who really cared for Puffy…


Puffy was swiftly dumped back at the shelter like a used gum, chewed and spat out on the pavement!

And really poor Puffy just wanted to be with people who love him and spend time with him, maybe Puffy really was better off without them!

Even after five years since he saw her at the shelter Puffy remembered her straight away, how amazing! He was so pleased to see a friendly face he knew…


Puffy was ecstatic and really showed her how happy he was, lots of love and kisses!

Puffy being the strong and clever dog he is, and cute too, found his forever family and is thankfully now very happy, well done puffy.


Puffy knows now that he has forever love, even though his last family moved on, he is now really in an amazing place, we are so happy for you puffy!


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