On This Island, Stray Dogs Are Injected With Cleaning Agents So Tourists Aren’t ‘Annoyed’

On the lands of a well-known holiday destination named, Mauritius, a shocking case of continuous animal abuse has enraged netizens worldwide. A leaked video showed that Government-funded employees rounding up stray dogs from the streets, then killing them with lethal, slow-acting injections. The poor pooches experience a slow and painful death, as the solutions injected in them are filled with poisonous cleaning agents, which are cheaper than using drugs and anesthesia.

The reason? It was not to disturb the peace of visiting tourists. 4 years ago, this incident has repeated itself once again. One of the kill-shelters shown is located in Port Louis, where dogs are dragged, kicked, and then injected with the solution. No action has been taken by the Government as of yet despite the overwhelming outrage.


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