No one cared about him, until one family decided to give him a chance!

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No creature, human or animal warrants a life lacking love or respect.

No being is worthless; it doesn’t matter their age, disability, sex or impediment that folks might find to be an obstacle. We all deserve kindness, compassion, and love.

The primary goal of no-kill shelters is to rescue and rehome all the animals in their care. No creature is euthanized unless the circumstance is so dire, the dog or animal won’t have a chance at a high quality of life.

Bear the dog was one of many animals needing a new forever home in a local kill-shelter. The pooch had been there for quite some time; everyone wanting a new pet passed him up for younger dogs. Bear is sixteen, loves the attention of humans.

He enjoys being in their company. But all the humans ignored

Despite the shelter’s efforts to find Bear a forever home, it seemed as though this sweet senior was destined to live out the remainder of his days behind the bars of his kennel. There could be a worse fate for such a gentle soul.

To be fair, caring for senior animals doesn’t involve the same amount of work, time, money and attention compared to younger animals.

Older dogs usually require more responsibility, medical treatment, and personal TLC. Those searching for a new pet to love perhaps didn’t want to take a chance on Bear.


Attachments between animal and human can form quickly. Losing Bear would be heartbreaking and painful for anyone who opened their home and heart to him. The upside to adopting a younger dog is the family will have them for several years. But for Bear, time isn’t on his side.

Bear and the shelter staff never lost hope. One day, a family arrived at the shelter searching for a new friend they could offer a forever home. Entering the kennel, they laid eyes on bear and knew instantly he was meant to be with them.


Sometimes you must know an animal was made for you. Sometimes, the animal knows on first sight as well. Out of everyone in a room, the pet singles you out.

As pups, they prefer licking your kid’s toes to any other child present. They leap into your arms, disregarding anyone else vying for their attention.


Fate intervened; Despite his age, Bear found a new happy home with people who allowed him to maintain his dignity and respect. The family gave the pooch a life he deserved.

Have you ever taken a chance on adopting a dog or cat others passed up? What was your experience with this rescued animal like? How long did they remain with you? Are they still with you?

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