Mom Finds Her Chewed-up Glasses. When She Confronts Her Dog, His Embarrassment Has Internet In Laughter

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Rooney has to be one of the guiltiest dogs ever – and one of the sweetest. After searching for her glasses for days, Rooney’s owner Stephanie knew he had to be responsible for their disappearance!

When she finally found them chewed up with the lenses missing, half-buried in her garden, she stomped inside to demand an answer! She couldn’t believe the sorry shape her glasses were in.


But as soon as Rooney realized he was being confronted with his glasses-nabbing behavior, all of the guilt in his body took over! Nathan H. Lents, a molecular biologist with the City University of New York, shared a piece in Psychology Today that helped explain why our pups feel guilty when they do something wrong!

Lents wrote, “Dogs have inherited this behavior and they will use it after any kind of infraction that results in being punished. As social animals, they crave harmonious integration in the group and neglect or isolation is painful for them.”


Stephanie’s scolding clearly made Rooney feel guilty and thankfully she filmed the whole silly interaction! Rooney knew he was in trouble and immediately appealed to his mom for forgiveness!

The look on the pup’s face was hysterical. You can’t help but feel sorry for him, even though he mutilated his Mom’s glasses. His ears are flat and his eyes show incredible remorse. That little tail is tucked between his legs.


His dog buddy who scampered into the room with him instantly took off once that pooch saw something broken in Mom’s hand. The buddy bailed on him! He flew out of that room as fast as he could.

So Rooney stood there and faced the music for a minute. Then he tried to take off, turning in circles. Poor guy just didn’t know what to do with himself under Mom’s strict gaze.


Mom’s tone of voice was stern and Rooney was wiggling with guilt. His body language said it all. Poor guy! He sat nervously, then laid down panicky, then got back and wiggled some more.

Hopefully, Rooney learned his lesson and won’t mess with his mom’s replacement pair! Another destructive episode and he might be banished to the backyard.


Watch Stephanie confront her adorable, apologetic pup in the video below!


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