Mom asks bulldog about his day. Bulldog responds in hilarious fashion


Bruley the French bulldog sits down with Mom to have a chat about their day. Mom asks him how his day is going, and Bruley responds in the most charming and endearing manner.

From the start, it’s evident that Bruley is having a rough day. When she asks him who he’s talking, he responds with a whine that can probably be interpreted as “you!” She then asks Bruley to tell her about his day, and Bruley sure has a lot to say. He starts talking and goes on and on about his day. There’s even a point where he says, “Oh, mom!”

Bruley continues to rant to Mom, and he doesn’t spare a single detail. He wants to let Mom know what’s been bothering him lately and why he needs a change. Like Mom, I couldn’t help but laugh and giggle along to the sound of Bruley’s voice. While I couldn’t understand exactly what Bruley was saying, imagining things that a dog could complain about was quite fun and entertaining.

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[Source: tinsely28’s channel]

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