Man Has Emotional Reunion With His Stolen Dog Just Two Days Before He Was Going To Be Euthanized

One year ago, Barry Gearhart’s beloved pit bull Titan was stolen from the back of his truck. Since then, Barry has had many sleepless nights worrying about his dog, holding on to the hope that he would see him again some day.

He never stopped looking for Titan, and, in a final effort to find him nearly a year later, he posted a picture of the pup to Facebook. That’s how a volunteer at a shelter was able to come across the photo and recognized Titan as one of the dogs in her shelter.

They had named the dog Hank, and even though he had attended socialization classes, they couldn’t seem to get him to behave properly. As a result, he was scheduled for euthanization in two days. Thankfully, she was able to reach out to Barry, who immediately came down to the shelter and had an incredibly tearful reunion with his beloved dog.

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