Man Attempts To Brutally Rape Woman, Quickly Realizes It Wasn’t A Good Idea

In South Carolina, William Mattson, 52, was brutally attacked by the boyfriend of a woman he was raping. The woman’s boyfriend walked in and caught Mattson assaulting her and repeatedly hit him. Mattson told the police that he and the victim had shared some drinks earlier in the evening and then went into the bedroom.

Mattson claims he was fully clothed and the victim was naked under the blankets when the boyfriend walked in and saw Mattson kissing the woman. The victim maintains that the encounter was in no way consensual. The boyfriend, 27, will not be charged with anything since the police feel he was acting in defense of his girlfriend. Mattson was denied bail, according to WISTV.


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man learns karma
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Most of the people who commented on the Mad World News Facebook page agreed that they would have beat a rapist to a pulp if caught in the act. Share away, people.

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