Little boy thinks the dog statue is real, plays and talks to it in adorable fashion


The wonderful thing about young children is that they can make any average moment into an amusing viral video just from their adorable antics, as demonstrated below.

One parent was having a nice grocery shopping day with their son when they happened to come across a statue donation dog placed inside the store.

However, the little 15-month-old toddler didn’t see a statue of a dog. He saw a real one.

So, like any little kid would do, the boy started talking with the doggie and petting it. He also affectionally called the dog “Dee”, which he nicknames all of his dog friends.

The dog’s “stony” reaction – one that would rival the guards at Buckingham Palace – didn’t phase the boy. The little toddler continued to converse with the statue until eventually something else captured his attention and he moved on.

Will he reunite with his dog statue friend one day? Will the parent buy – or adopt – the statue so the two don’t have to part?

We may never know the answer to these haunting questions, but one thing is for sure: dogs are man’s best friend, no matter what form they come in.

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[Source: Rumble]

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