Larry The Cable Guy’s Southern Accent Is Fake – The Internet Is Losing It Upon Hearing Real Voice

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Take a listen to Larry in the beginning of this clip. That southern drawl is what everyone has known “Larry the Cable Guy” for. Until now, at least.

This comedian has now gone public with a confession that has shocked fans everywhere. The southern accent is totally fake!

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Whether it’s a surprise or not, Larry has a hidden talent for accents. He picks them up in as little as a few hours when conversing with someone.

He confesses he’s a “chameleon” when it comes to voices. But before anyone could judge Larry for being inauthentic, Larry gave background to this shocking new fact that he recently revealed.

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Larry’s whole life, he has been exposed to a range of accents around the different regions of the United States. His cousins are from northern Wisconsin and his college roommates were from Georgia and Texas.

It’s safe to say that Larry has taken on quite a few accents throughout his life, and when you watch his discussion below, you will learn his reason why. You might know Larry the Cable Guy best from his stand-up comedy.

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Even your child might know Larry from his character “Mater” in Disney Pixar’s “Cars.” Initally, it was Larry’s southern drawl that caught attention in the media.

But if you take away that element, his comedic personality is still there – what endeared him to his fans in the first place. He also has an unmistakable talent for gravitating toward people like him – “a country kid, cattle kid, a horse guy.”

No wonder he picked up and used a southern accent for all those years! It’s incredibly impressive considering it isn’t truly authentic.

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If you are a fan of Larry’s, you will find his story totally intriguing! He’s a multifaceted man!

Watch him in this spiel as he shares the foundation behind his talent.

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