Human Steals Dog’s Bone And Starts “Eating” It, So The Dog Throws A Hilarious Tantrum

Have you ever heard the expression about someone being so determined to do something, they’re “like a dog with a bone?” That turn of phrase didn’t come to be without being grounded in the truth – anyone who’s ever tried to take a bone away from a dog can tell you that it’s not easy.

It takes a lot of trust to take a bone from a dog, because they may not hesitate to bite you if they don’t already like you. In this clip below, the Golden Retriever really must love her human because she really has a lot of patience with her human when he tries to pull a fast one on her. He walks up and snatches up her favorite bone, and then even starts “chewing” on it himself to make her jealous!

While the dog doesn’t get outright aggressive and bite the kid for taunting her in such a way, she doesn’t hesitate to let him know she’s not happy with how things are going. She even tries to snatch the bone back, but sadly, she misses! Luckily, everything ended peacefully with the dog getting her bone back.

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