Found Stabbed And In A Suitcase – Pitbull Ollie Amazingly Survives His Ordeal

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Hollywood Police are investigating a terrible incident that happened to a pitbull/terrier crossbreed dog.

He was severely injured and left to suffer a terrible death locked into a suitcase left in an empty derelict building.

On October 10th the police found the suitcase in the back of the now abandoned building around 1 am in the morning on Tuesday at 1945 Lee Street.

They could just see a dogs paw desperately reaching out and hear the shrill cries of a dog in deep distress.

They took the dog to the Animal Hospital in Hollywood as swiftly as they could!

Miranda Grossman, Hollywood Police Department’s public information manager, said:

“Officers heard a dog cry come from within the suitcase. Inside the suitcase, a pit bull was found with severe lacerations to the top of his head and body”

The dog, just 2 years old was named Ollie and is now recovering from surgery, he quite amazingly survived to undergo a second surgery on the Wednesday to patch up all his chest stab wounds.

He had suffered 20 to 30 wounds to his chest and legs, how despicable!

It’s so sad that this beautiful dog was found in this state, beaten, stabbed multiple times, then locked inside the suitcase and left to die. Not even microchipped and although he did actually have a collar, there was no tag.

What a beautiful dog he is too, all he needs is the love of a stable home environment to help him make a full recovery, and thankfully now, The Grateful Paws Dog & Cat rescue Centre is looking for a loving home for him!

A resident said he thinks that the perpetrator is from the local area, many are concerned he has still not been captured…

Some of the residents said:

“It would have to be someone maybe from the area because only we know that that house is abandoned”

“I almost started crying because I have two dogs of my own and I never want that to happen!”

Ollie received all the help and care he needed in just one day, thanks to crowdfunding and the help and support of the people who donated to pay his medical bills, thank you to the hundreds of people who helped!

He has had many surgeries and still needs some more because of his deep wounds, but the vets and all the people looking after him wish him well and to recover quickly!

Beautiful Ollie has his second chance to have a normal healthy and loving life, as the team says:

“his tail is still wagging!”

What a bright future he has now, on the way to a full recovery!

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