FINALLY: The worst dog race track in the entire world is closing for good

Dog lovers around the world can rejoice — a horrible place known for exploiting and abusing dogs is finally closing its doors for good. This place is called The Canidrome and it was a place of nightmares to hundreds of greyhounds and anyone who is a lover of animals.

The Canidrome is located in Macau which can be found in southwestern China near Hong Kong. The facility holds approximately 700 greyhounds, keeps them in tiny cramped cages and worst of all? They euthanize up to 30 helpless dogs a month if they did not win enough races.

To advocacy group GREY2K USA Worldwide, they consider The Canidrome to be the worst racetrack on the planet. They have been attempting to shut it down since 2012. They wouldn’t stop fighting for these dogs. It’s easy to see why when you hear more about this terrible business.

GREY2K was understandably concerned — dogs wouldn’t get adopted out after racing, they would always be euthanized. It was absolutely heartrending to think about. All in the name of racing and money when they could have all had loving homes.

Every single dog that entered this horrific facility would never leave those doors. Until now.

Finally — at long last, The Canidrome has been ordered by the Macau government to close it’s doors forever by July of 2018. They are beginning to slow down operations as of today. GREY2K is ecstatic upon hearing this news.

Apparently, The Canidrome was importing dogs from breeders based out of Australia. Sadly, it was estimated that each greyhound would only be at the facility for 3 years before being euthanized. It was time to finally end this operation.

If the greyhound came in 4th or worse in 5 or more races — they would be euthanized.

GREY2K is working with an organization called ANIMA which is a shelter in Macau. Their main goal is to find homes for the 650 dogs that are going to be released from The Canidrome. Some lucky dogs have already found safety.

In great news, the site of The Canidrome will be turned into a school for local children if the proposal passes. What a wonderful idea to replace something so evil with something so good and valuable.

If you would like to help GREY2K in their efforts to find these dogs homes and to also put an end to all dog racing, please make a donation.

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