Exhausted mom finally finds seat on train. Then woman yells at her for sitting in first class

On a Southern service train to Brighton, a mother carrying a baby strapped in a sling was kicked out of her priority seat in the first class section, which is reserved for people with disabilities, expectant mothers, elderly passengers and for those carrying infants, such as herself.

The upsetting moment and heated conversation was captured on video by a fellow commuter Tyrone Williams.

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In Tyrone’s recording, the young mother had kindly asked an older woman to move her luggage that was being stored on the empty seat beside her. The elderly woman did not respond kindly.

“I asked you nicely to put your bag on the floor and I offered to put it up. I’m carrying a baby you have to respect me,” the mother replied.

Practically shouting, the old lady responded with, “And you have to respect your elders and betters. People have actually paid to sit in this carriage.”

Source: Screenshot

The mother then explains that she has paid for her ticket. The elderly woman challenges her by asking, “Having you paid for a first class ticket?”

The woman with the baby tells the older passenger that she has paid for her ticket and these are priority seats which are reserved for travelers not able to stand.

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As the mother and baby sit down, the uncooperative passenger utters, ” I don’t want a screaming baby sitting next to me.” The mother defends her well-behaved (and adorable) baby by replying, “He’s not screaming. He is behaving better than you.” The elderly lady later adds, “I have a cold.”

Several other train passengers chime in to fend for the elderly woman by reiterating that these seats are reserved for a first class ticket holder. Tyrone, the owner of this recording, defended the mother, “At the end of the day, she’s got a baby so she can sit wherever she wants.”

Towards the end of this ridiculous bickering over a seat, one passenger further down the train asked the mother if she would rather have his seat. She responded with gratitude, “Thank you yeah. Would be nicer.”

As the mother and her baby moved seats, a handful of passengers broke into applause for the man’s kind gesture.

Tyrone told Mirror that he uploaded the video clip to his Facebook because “I wanted to show people how ignorant some people on public transport can be. These things happen all the time and I didn’t want this lady to get away with treating someone like that.”

It’s safe to say that most people would agree that the elderly woman was in the wrong. First class or not, a seat should always be reserved for those who physically need it most. What are your thoughts and opinions on the situation? What would you have done or said? Share your comments below.

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