Dying Pit Bull could not stop wagging his tail after rescue!

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A stray Pit bull, dying and suffering from several skin infections, was rescued off the streets of Brockton, Massachusetts. He was beaten by life and had been alone for a very long time.

His body was covered in raw sores that were hard to look at. Thankfully, the City of Brockton Animal Control picked him up and brought him to a vet.

The dying Pit bull was said to be 1 year old. He was diagnosed with a severe case of demodectic mange and secondary skin infection. He wouldn’t have survived the streets for longer if he hadn’t been picked up.

The dying Pit bull was dropped off at a local shelter. He was so happy to be rescued that he suffered from ”happy tail,” in that he wagged his tail from so much happiness it bled a little.

The shelter contacted Alyssa Ellman of Second Chance Rescue NYC to help the poor pup. The puppy’s enthusiasm and friendliness took them by surprise. He was just so loving.

They eventually named him XO, a fitting name for a dog who loves cuddles and kisses. After all, he had been deprived of such warmth and attention all his life.

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Ellman was able to secure a foster home, and she knew deep in her heart that it will not be difficult to find a forever home for the young pupper due to his enthusiasm and love for life.

Ellman is part of Ready to Roll, a Facebook page dedicated to transporting dogs across states to give them a better chance at life. They are ready to help dog to a foster home or a forever home.

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XO was transported from Massachusetts to Rhode Island and was super well-behaved during the trip. He sat on Ellman’s lap the entire time.

From Rhode Island, another volunteer drove him to Connecticut. And from Connecticut, he was driven to New Jersey to live with his foster parents.

He traveled 250 miles to get to a safe place where he can recover and feel loved. His foster dad, Teri Eckel, loves him very much.

“He’s a sweetheart. I just wish we could find the horrible person that did it to him because it’s truly sad,” Eckel said.

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Despite his skin condition, XO loves everyone he meets. He’s an absolute delight to be around.

XO gained an extra 10 pounds at his foster home, and is doing so much better. Although it is going to be a long road to recovery, they are positive that he can bounce back.

What a truly remarkable pup XO had been. In addition, his happily ever after wouldn’t be possible if it were not for two amazing organizations and the many people behind them who didn’t let him down.

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