Dog Who Was Scheduled For Surgery Dies After Being Severely Mauled By Neighbor’s Dogs

Three neighborhood dogs in Harris County Texas attacked a beloved family bulldog. Click2Houston reported that just before the five-year-old English Bulldog was supposed to undergo surgery, she died. Surveillance video from November 15, showed three large dogs (all pets from the neighborhood) attack Roxy while she was in her yard.

bulldog mauled

Two of the dogs were Rottweilers. Roxy was in her garage where she would eat and relax – the door was only open 11 inches and somehow the bigger dogs were able to get in and drag Roxy out. Martha Villaguerte, Roxy’s owner, said her 11-year-old son her the commotion and everyone ran outside.

Her husband got the dogs apart with a rake. The owner of the attacking dogs was given nine citations – three for each dog. A judge will now decide what happens to the three killer dogs. Rest in Peace, Roxy. Share away, people.

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