Dog Stops And Stares At The Owner He Hasn’t Seen In 3 Years, But The Real Reaction Is Coming (Video)

We all know our dogs get very excited to see us at the end of the work day. If you go away for a weekend, they are thrilled too. I was away from my dogs for a week one time, and they were excited when I returned. We have seen soldiers return home after a year of duty overseas and their dogs flip out with joy to see them again!

What if you and your dog are separated for more than three years? Will your dog still remember you? Well, you can stop wondering – this video has the answer. The dog in the video takes a little time to look at his owner before reacting. The reaction is priceless – you can see the moment when recognition hits!


Take a look at this video

I would have loved to have been at the airport to see this joyous reunion in person! The dog can’t control his joy and excitement!

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