Dog Senses That His Owner Is Close To Moving On, Says His Final Goodbye

The kind of bonds we develop with our dogs is unlike anything else.

We spend years of our lives in each others company, growing, learning, living together day in, day out.

For us, they become a part of the family. They become huge parts of our lives and we often rely on them for support and comfort. However, it’s rare for us to only have one pet in our lifetime.

For them, we are usually there for most of their lives. We’re all they’ve got and they rely on us to survive. It’s this dependency that builds loyalty and love.

Usually, we say goodbye to our pets when they’ve reached the end of their lives. It’s a very different thing, however, when they are the ones saying goodbye to us when we pass on.

The video below depicts exactly that. The owner of this beautiful pup has passed on, and he’s been brought to the hospital by two people to say goodbye.

In the video, the dog seems to be sniffing the owner rather strangely – almost as if he is confused. He starts at the top of the bed, sniffing his feet and goes to the bottom to sniff his feet.

Throughout the video, it’s difficult to tell whether or not it really understands what is happening.

An article written by Scientific American confirms that it’s likely the dog was probably confused and was taking it all in through his keen sense of smell.

It’s not uncommon to hear about just how advanced dogs noses are compared to ours. It’s their primary form of communication and they can detect things we’d physically never be able to. One of those things – is how out bodies smell when we are healthy vs. how they smell when we are sick. The bacteria in our bodies take on a new scent when we become sick and it’s something that dogs can quite easily detect.

The pup in the video was sniffing so much because he could detect just how sick the owner was, and he was showing signs of concern.

According to a bunch of research collected by Readers Digest, that’s not the only thing they can tell about us.

  • Dogs can tell when we’ve had a fight with our partners
  • They can tell when we don’t like someone
  • They can tell when we’re happy or sad
  • They can tell where you’ve been
  • AND They can tell when you’re going away (so maybe do the packing in private next time!)

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