Dog sees owner enjoying relaxing bubble bath, hilariously joins in on the fun


I’d love to be in a dog’s shoes one day. They’re loyal, get spoiled with treats and belly rubs all day, never have to worry about work or paying bills or passing a test, and best of all? They’re so easily amused it’s absolutely adorable.

For instance, dogs will look at you like you’re the most beautiful thing in the world, and you know they really think it too. The fact that their owners feed them, bathe them and give them shelter is more than enough for a dog to consider their owner to be a god.

With that said, the actions of humans are sure to bring pure amazement to dogs. Things that seem so normal to us are completely surreal to dogs – like taking a bubble bath.

That was the case for this cute white pup named Keenan.


According to Cheryl, Keenan’s owner, “A lot of dogs hate bath time, but not Keenan. He was very curious about the tub, so when I took a bath, I had my waterproof camera so I could get a picture of him peeking over the tub edge. I was taken by surprise at just HOW curious he was!”

Keenan was entranced by the sight. Sitting in a sea of foamy bubbles? Was his mom in danger? Are the bubbles food? Why is there water? I can only imagine the many questions that ran through this dog’s mind.

Ever the inquisitive dog, Keenan was determined to find out what was happening.

First, he tested the waters.


Then, he carefully maneuvered around the bath’s edge, almost slipping at one point as the suspense in the video builds.


And finally, in the climactic moment of the video, silly Keenan accidentally falls into the bathtub to take a bath with Cheryl.


Cheryl’s infectious laugh easily ties together the adorable tone of this video. It’s so cute!

See for yourself how transfixed this dog is by a bubble bath. And maybe if you have a dog of your own, you can film their reaction! Just like Cheryl, you might have a viral video on your hands.

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