Dog Saves Owner From Attack In Forest

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Rottweiler running

A woman was allegedly attacked by a group of migrant men in a forest in Denmark, but the men didn’t realize who was waiting nearby to help her out.

A 41-year-old woman was walking her dog through a Danish forest when a group of men approached her and launched an attack, according to Norwegian Defense League, an anti-Islamic group.

North Zealand Police say that one of the men grabbed the woman’s arms and attempted to drag her off of the path, while one took her dog’s leash and the third man grabbed her buttocks and tried to touch her breasts.

The men did not take into account at the time the woman would try to fight back or that she might have a “secret weapon” with her. As she put up a fight of her own, her dog quickly took notice and jumped into action in an attempt to protect its owner.


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The dog lunged at the attackers, biting one of the men in the thigh, and the group quickly fled the scene.

Police described the suspects as having a Middle Eastern or African appearance.

Readers shared their thoughts on the story on the Mad World News Facebook page.

“Outstanding,” one reader commented. “I also feel safe with my dogs. I call them my alarm system. Three gorgeous Rottweilers Molly. Rhasta and Maestro. I first started raising them when I was continually harassed while working in my front yard garden. At three months old my Rott Oso scared the bezeegus out of them and it stopped. I trained him as a guard dog. Could bring a man down in three seconds.”

“So awsome!!!!” Another user wrote. “Good for her and A big kudos to her dog.i am so glad to hear this awful story has a happy ending and those idiots didn’t get to follow through the crime.”

“Women needs to protect her self and her family a get herself a gun and shoot anyone that is trying to do harm to her and her love ones !!!” another reader added.

According to Mad World News, a similar incident occurred in Turkey in 2014, in which a man attempted to rape a young woman in her home, when the woman’s cat took action to protect its owner. The cat jumped onto the attacker’s back while he attacked its owner and clawed at the man until he gave up and fled the scene. The cat’s scratch marks helped police identify and arrest the man to prevent him from carrying out a similar attack.

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