Dog Adopts Puppy At Shelter, Refuses To Get Adopted Without Him

Two dogs named Lucy and Sully happened to arrive at a Humane Society shelter at around the same time. Sully was only a puppy, and he had been adopted and returned to the shelter. Lucy was a few years older and had been a stray.

Even though their pasts were very different, Lucy and Sully immediately bonded, and they began spending all their time together. Lucy became like a mother to Sully.

One day, a woman named Alaina Brinton walked into the Humane Society shelter where the two dogs lived. She planned to adopt Lucy.

She had seen a picture of Lucy in the newspaper and instantly fallen in love with her. But when she got to the shelter, she learned about the strong bond between Lucy and Sully. She knew she couldn’t separate the two of them, so she spent some time with Sully. Luckily, she fell in love with him too, and she happily agreed to take both dogs home with her!

“I fell in love right away,” Brinton told The Dodo. “Besides, it was obvious Sully was looking to Lucy to show him what things were or weren’t okay, and I wouldn’t have had the heart to split them up.”

Once they arrived home, Brinton knew adopting them both was the right decision. Both dogs were a bit nervous about different things, but they were able to help each other and show each other that everything was okay. Soon, they had settled in and were happy in their new home.

“The same way they feed off of each other’s excitement, they also fed off of each other’s growing comfort,” Brinton says. “They settled in together, and figured out the new routine like a team. It was perfect, and I think it was a much easier transition for each of them because of the company of the other.”

Lucy and Sully have now lived with Alaina for seven years, and the dogs are still as close as can be! The two dogs spend almost all of their time together.

“They’re buddies forever,” Brinton says. “Anytime they’re settling in together, Lucy will give Sully a couple of licks on his forehead and he just looks like he’s so pleased.”

Even though the two dogs are inseparable, their personalities are a bit different. Sully is more boisterous than Lucy, but when he’s running around, he’ll always stop for a moment and make sure Lucy is doing okay.

“Even when he’s roaming around the dog park, Sully will come back and check on Lucy every couple of minutes or so,” Brinton says. “He says hi, walks with her for a bit, and then he’s off again. She doesn’t seem to mind.”

Years after being rescued, Lucy and Sully are as close as ever. These two lucky pups have a truly special, unbreakable bond.

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