Doctors Didn’t Think He’d Come Out Of His Coma. Then His Dog Visits, Performs Miracle

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Dog Visits Owner At The Hospital Then Something Happens
It seems that every day we hear stories of dogs saving or enlightening their owners. This is why some dog breeds are used for therapy, and most of there are spent in the hospital wards. A little contact with a dog could restore a faint spirit the reason as to why they are the best family pet. They also a suitable partner to take walks with.

One Italian man had a heart attack while having a walking with his dog. The man went into a coma with no sign of recovery.
While at the hospital the man’s dog, Nancy remain on high alert, nervous and waiting for her master’s arrival back home. She has been hanging around the front entrance of that event and was still hopeful that his master would come back.
Deborah, Giovanni’s daughter, find out about Nancy’s actions and took her to the hospital to visit her father.She anticipated that this would change Nancy’s mood. Apparently, Deborah had found out about the hospital program that let dogs visit patients. Nancy was excited to see her master again; she waved her tail in excitement when she was held close to Giovanni. They did not anticipate the strange reaction from Giovanni.

His facial appearance changed and he started to converse gently when the dog was placed near him. The unexpected was shocking since he has been in a coma for a long time. Deborah says the dog remained close to her dog and she thinks he was saying goodbye.

It was a sweet and sad moment as it was noted was probably their last meeting. They had an opportunity to bid each other goodbye courtesy of the new hospital policy. This event might result in other hospitals to take on the program, so patients have a chance of affection from their best companions. It is evident that a visit from your best is valuable to both of you.

People agreed that pets should be allowed to visit their sick masters and perhaps Deborah will try to bring cute Nancy for a daily visit to see if it helps her dad more.
Pet owners can tell that animals are an excellent source of natural medicine and stress release.
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