Doctor Confirmation: He Has Healed Many Women Of Uterine Cancer Using Three Herbs!

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Nature again amazes us with its amazing properties. But you know what? It seems even more wonderful that a health professional confirms. Matrix or uterine cancer is one of the most common carcinogenic species within women and is often very rapid to detect.

From its early stages this species of cancer can send us signals through some symptoms or signs, the most common is vaginal bleeding abnormally due to the appearance of bloody vaginal secretions that are outside of the menstrual periods and very unusual.


Marina Lorenz de Enríquez, a medical surgeon at the University of Chile, states that with these natural remedies she eradicated uterine cancer in many women whom she attended.

The treatment to cure the cancer of the uterus of Dr. Marina is composed of 3 medicinal herbs:



Chamomile serves as a decongestant:

Matico, its tender leaves have an astringent and highly energetic hemostatic power, 2% infusion is used to cure gonorrhea, leukorrhea flows, etc:

El Llantén is a powerful healing, it is widely used in the preparation of natural remedies to treat diseases such as colds, bronchitis, urinary infections and hemorrhoids, it is also a powerful anti-inflammatory and cures irritations of both the eyes and the skin:

The method of preparation:

First, in a liter of boiling water pour the same amount of chamomile, matico, and plantain. Remove from the heat and let stand until it is at room temperature. Strain the mixture and empty into a sprinkler.

Then proceed to a one-time and deep vaginal lavage. The patient should be placed on a flat and dorsal cube in this way will receive the liquid more effectively.

The irrigator will give you an efficient and satisfactory result so it is not advisable to use pears. This treatment should be repeated every day firmly. And after a month you will see wonderful results and a remarkable improvement in the scarring and disappearance of tumors.

To overcome this disease it is highly recommended that patients also practice therapies that can help them to cope with cancer:

-Meditation to combat stress.
-Acupuncture to help reduce pain
-Family support not to be missed
-Join support groups.

A healthy lifestyle in which we pay special attention to food including in our diet foods that help with the reduction of proliferation of tumor cells.

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