Cruel Farmer Threw Newborn Calf On The Side Of The Road So He Won’t Drink It’s Mother’s Milk

Of all people, you would think that farmers would have more respect for livestock than most people. Well, it isn’t true. A heartless farmer in India left a newborn calf on the side of the road. Why? It isn’t uncommon for male calves to be taken from their mothers soon after birth so the farmer can have the milk.

The male calf he left on the roadside was found soon after he was dumped and was quickly taken to Animal Aid’s sanctuary for care. The staff at Animal Aid named the calf Dil (which, in Hindi, means “heart”). Dil got the proper care and a lot of love. He grew stronger every day.

Take a look at this video!

Within two months, Dil moved into the pen with the bigger cows. He loves to run and play! Talk about a happy cow! Share away, people.

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