Couple protects baby from danger during the Holocaust. 70 years later, they finally reunite

In 1943, a four-year-old named Michael Hochberg was taken in by a couple, Rozalla Jakubowska and her husband. It was dark times outside, as the Holocaust was in full swing. This couple wanted to save this little boy’s life, so they kept him hidden for two years. The only way he could get fresh air was at night in complete darkness.

This loving couple were not kidnappers. They were Christians who were against the Nazi regime and beliefs. They felt that the eradication of the Jewish was wrong and immoral. In order to protect the boy, Rozalla treated Michael as if he were her very own son, and Rozalla’s daughter, Krystyna, treated him like a little brother.

Two years later, in 1945, Poland was liberated from Nazi rule, and Michael was brought to a Jewish orphanage. Michael never saw the family that saved his life again, but he never forgot everything they had done for him.

Seventy years later, Michael managed to locate the family that loved him like a son. Although Rozalla had passed away, he reunited with Krystyna (the video below), and it was a touching reunion that will move you to tears.

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[Source: Inside Edition]

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