Couple is haunted by sound coming from walls for 13 years. Handyman laughs when he finds it

Every evening at 7:50 pm, shrill, rhythmic beeps rung out from the wall behind the Lynns’ brown leather love seat.

Sylvia and Jerry Lynn, a seasoned and good-natured couple living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, had an alarm clock stuck inside their living room wall. It had been there for 13 years.


A reporter asked Jerry Lynn a question he and his wife had likely received many times: Why not get the alarm clock removed?

“No need to,” Lynn responded, perhaps a little defensively. “It’s funny. It’s a great conversation piece when people come.”

Jerry’s terseness might have been rooted in the fact that he was the one who put the alarm clock there in the first place, albeit by accident. 13 years earlier, Jerry wanted to install some cables for his television. He decided to drill a hole through his living room wall into an air duct located just behind the plaster. In order to know where to drill, Jerry used a string to lower an alarm clock down the air duct from a vent on the second story of his home.


“All of the sudden the string went loose and I heard it go ‘thunk,’” Jerry remembered.

Initially, Jerry didn’t remove the alarm clock because he assumed the battery would run out soon enough.

“I thought at most, 2-3 months,” he said. “No big deal, we’ll never worry about it.”

Unfortunately for the Lynns, the battery of that accursed alarm clock was still functioning after 13 years.

But don’t feel too bad for Jerry and Sylvia. A local air conditioning company recently heard about their problem and volunteered to remove the alarm clock for free.

“Are you going to miss the alarm at 7:50 every night?” a local news caster asked the Lynns.

“Well not if it’s on the mantle ringing,” Sylvia responded with a raise of her eyebrows. She was holding the alarm clock, a black digital model that looked like it may have been manufactured in the early 2000’s.

Jerry and Sylvia brought their old alarm clock back to their living room, where it now sits on their mantle for all to see. It continues to dutifully alert the family at 7:50 pm every evening.

“You guys really love this clock,” laughed the news caster.

“Well we do,” Sylvia nodded. “It’s gotten to be part of us.”


Make sure to check out the video to see the Lynn’s bizarre story for yourself!

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Source: Inside Edition

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